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25 years of web successes!

We offer you e-solutions with strong impact thanks to our 25 years of experience, proven performance and long-lasting trust from our clients


Internet-based solutions with a flight plan

The technology and plans we propose will ensure you a rapid success and an astoundingly short time to marker. The scalability of our solutions and the support of our dedicated IT support team will boost the growth of your business.

e-Commerce solutions that rule the market

Nowadays, Internet has been revolutionized multiple times and customers’ habits have changed drastically. Amongst the large improvements of online transaction security and the rapidly evolving e-market, there are now many perfect reasons for you to start a new e-business or to strengthen your web presence.

Long-lasting relationships with clients

We guarantee the delivery of robust and cutting edge e-commerce solutions. But what you probably need the most, is a dream team of specialists with resourceful experience in web commerce, dedicated to your project . What you are looking for is a team that has acquired a lot of know-how in various selling fields through the launching of e-commerce applications made for flash sales, private sales, permanent sales, etc. This is why most of our clients stay more than 10 years with us!

Think big, start small, evolve quickly

This is the first thing we always tell clients: as long as you have the great vision, we create together a first workable and saleable product to experiment the concept and build from this first brick on. You are already beyond this first step and wish to build a top-notch application? Let’s go for it!

All adventures begins by defining a functional scope, challenging the project, evaluating feasibility and anticipating operational and technical constraints. Together we then establish a provisional budget and a reasonable timeline.

We can fully support and accompany your project or help you develop your solution when you have specific demands depending on your needs.

United Networks

Since 1996, United Networks develops tailor-made, scalable and secure solutions for mobile and web. Located in Brussels and Montreal, our enthusiastic team is mainly composed of web programmers, system administrators, project managers and designers.

To carry out its missions, our team has structured a robust technical environment that allows it to have a powerful 360 ° approach to the web and mobile world. We tackle problems in a broad and global way with a team of highly specialized people.

A story that lasts already 25 years!


United Networks sprl is launched, using Net@rchitects as commercial brand. We are explorers, explaining to our clients the potential of the World Wide Web which count 10 Million connected computers! -Today we are at 31 Billion connected objects-


New commercial name
We change our branding and work from now on under our company name, with a creative and passionate team


From 3 founders, we grew to 14 FTE. We have gained expertise in many economical sectors and industries such as chemical, oil, automotive, coaching, law, medical, pharmaceutical, consulting and finance for large companies, federations, NGO’s, Governmental agencies, non-profit organization, SME’s and many more.


More than 200 projects!
We achieved more than 200 projects in various sectors in various countries. We are proud to still rocking with clients for more than 15 years!


Montreal development
We created a new site in Montreal Canada and started to work with North American companies.


Happy to help you
25 years of service! We will continue to rock the internet and support your growth

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