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Associations, federations and a lot of non-profit organisations are facing an evolution of their way of working, and the need to mitigate heavy administration and strenghthen the community and its interactivity through events, activities and certifications at the same time.

Governmentals entities need as well to mitigate routine work and improve the lonks with the citizens, whoever they are!

We offer solutions that solve both problems simultaneously.

How will United Networks accompany you?

  • Associations must deal with a lot of responsibilities in a lot of area: administration, member management, events, certifications, prizes, etc. A lot of these activities become painless if done with a solution that answer your needs
  • We analyze your project and define the specifications of your product or project in order to give life to it
  • You benefit from experienced steering in materializing concepts into efficient IT solutions
King Baudouin Foundation
King Baudouin Foundation

We deployed several websites for the Foundation at international level ea for the organization and registration at the KB Prize Contest and US KB Prize Contest.


Set up of a fully integrated association management platform with a secured member zone managing the membership worldwide, certifications, invoicing and events.

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